Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Introducing JOSHUA...who is turning 1 today!

A LOT has happened since I was here last and I think it's about time I update this thing!

Today my baby is 1 and I've never even posted about him!  Joshua Michael Francis is about the sweetest baby I've ever met and it has been such a fun year with him in our family.  He is so easy going and has the greatest smile, his whole face lights up and people comment all the time about loving his smile.  He rarely cries and has always just fallen easily to sleep by snuggling up for a song before you lay him in his bed.  He had some sweet rhythm and is always bouncing to any beat.  He loves Dave and always wants to see where he is and makes sure Dave pays attention to him.  His big blue eyes are different from the other kids and he kind of has his own unique look, I think he kind of looks like my dad.  He loves to give "kisses" with a nice open-mouth kiss and is "SO BIG" all the time.  He waves hello and good-bye and makes this funniest noise like a machine gun.  He is now walking around for about 8-9 steps at a time, but is still crawling in super-speed mode most of the time. He is getting more of an opinion these days and has developed a screech/squawk that drives us nuts, but definitely gets our attention!  I love this little guy so much and love how much he loves me too :) I am very lucky to be his momma and am still so excited to get him out of bed every morning to play...he's just that sweet.



Jill said...

What a handsome little man. Can't wait to meet your two youngest, one of these days. Your family is beautiful!

Meredith said...

He is so cute!! Happy Birthday Josh! :)

Rachel said...

What a doll! We miss you guys!

Holly Noelle Higgins said...

He is precious! You have to post pictures of his party soon!

Lourdes and family said...

Time flies! He is so adorable! Love his sweet smile! I miss you all!

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